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Bonatura, Inc. is a longstanding member of the International Bottle Water Association (IBWA). As a recipient of the prestigious Certificate of Excellence in Manufacturing award each year since 1995, Bonatura, Inc. continues to demonstrate its commitment to representing the bottled water industry as a producer of quality products. The modern bottling plant in City of Mexico Mexico, is centrally located to provide easy access and reasonable shipping costs.


Bonatura, Inc. produces and bottles purified water. Purified water provides the perfect beverage as is, or the ideal base for the production of specialty water blends. All water produced follows stringent manufacturing guidelines and a 10 step process resulting in a consistent quality product.


Bonatura, Inc. bottles purified, purified blend,  and special blended waters produced to your specifications. Bottling in configurations including PET sizes and 5 gallon returnable, all products are available for contract package or private label. Even though private labeling/contract packaging play a major role, the Bonatura, Inc. (purified blend) brands are successfully distributed nationally and internationally.



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